Annie Lou is a second generation Filipina raised and influenced by the many sights and cultures of Southern California. Always creative as a child, she discovered her natural talent for painting while in high school. In college, she discovered oils and became instantly enamored with the many different techniques to manipulate the classic medium.

In 2007, she received her B.S. in Criminal Justice and Accounting from San Diego State University. She accepted her first full-time paralegal position shortly thereafter. Despite working long legal hours, she managed to accept and complete various commissions in her spare time. In 2010, she seized the opportunity to pursue her ambitions and dedicate herself to painting full-time.

She is currently pursuing her lifelong dream to meet people, understand what makes them tick, and translate that onto canvas. The subjects of her paintings are limitless but have recently ranged from old movie icons and other celebrities, to music, children's books, and pop culture. She currently resides in San Diego, working on several series and accepting requests for commission work.